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Sell faster and get higher bids on your home

  • The house looks bigger
  • Imperfections become less noticeable
  • The house will have an appearance that suits the target group

A great first impression with home staging in The Netherlands

Is your home just not selling or are the bids on the house not yet optimal?  Buyers not seeing the full potential of the house?

Research shows again and again how important it is to make a good first impression. That starts with the pictures. A big part of the (online) viewers, find it difficult to see the potential of a space. That’s why they choose to have their home styled for sale. And did you know that a professionally styled home its value is often estimated 10 up to 15% higher?

We are a furniture rental company but we go further than that. Home staging is more than just renting furniture. Whether it’s an 8-bedroom villa or a small apartment, we provide home staging with eye for detail and by making optimal use of the space, so the viewer sees the full potential and the house sells faster ánd better.

"I couldn't get my house sold, but with the help of home staging, I sold my home within a month, far above the asking price"

Home staging, how does that work?

When you need to decorate an empty house for home staging, you’re probably not looking forward to buy, move in and install all the furniture. We offer appropriate furniture for any budget for styling. Do you want to have your own home decorated for sale? Are you a real estate agent and do you want to outsource the entire home staging, or are you a stylist and just want to rent individual pieces of furniture for a home staging. Decorating a house for sale, that is what we do.

The only thing left for you to do is to view the list of products in the home staging package and check it according to your personal wishes. Excluding or adding products is easy, by adding or removing them from your shopping basket. In addition, you can create a fully personalized package. And if you have any questions, just give us a call and we’ll check it out with you.

Home staging for 1 month or for six months? Both possible. Request a quote and receive this in your mailbox within 24 hours!

How it works

  1. Select products

    Go to the webshop and put the right products in your shopping cart
  2. Place an order

    Fill in the correct details and send your request
  3. Process request

    If necessary, we give advice and schedule an appointment for delivery
  4. Delivery & installation

    The complete assembly and installation is provided by us
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You are in good company

At this moment we have several realtors and stylists as clients, but we can also help you as an individual to sell your house as good and as fast as possible. In The Netherlands and abroad, we can take care of your home staging.
"Before you guys did the home staging, I had almost no response to the property offer. But after KeyPro furnished and decorated the house and new pictures were taken, the house was sold within a week"
Migiel van Dorsten
Huis van Groningen
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