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Do you want to rent furniture for your home? Rent furniture at KeyPro!

We arrange everything for complete temporary housing

  • Choice of various furniture packages
  • We take care of the complete assembly and installation
  • We also arrange window and floor finishing!

Increase tenant satisfaction with furnished temporary houses?

Dissatisfied tenants in the neighborhood? And an almost unachievable schedule that you must achieve within the renovation process. 

As a housing corporation or renovation contractor, you regularly have to deal with renovation processes to provide maintenance to houses or make the house more sustainable. To maintain tenants satisfaction during this process, offering a temporary house is a great alternative. And the furnishing of this house? We as KeyPro, will do this for you! From a 3-seater, dishwashing brush to a made-up bed. We take care of moving in, installing and assembling, so the tenant is provided with a complete furnished home. Now you can occupy yourself with the rest on the planning.

"I have to rely on my partners, I need them all, we can't work without each other. It's a domino-effect."

How we will help you with a complete interior

Through years of experience with housing corporations and renovation contractors, we know we have to act quickly to contribute, on achieving your tough schedule. Our temporary housing packages contain all the necessary products for furnishing a guest house or temporary home. The temporary residents only need to bring their suitcases and will be installed.

With KeyPro you can rent more than just furniture. Do you also need WiFi, window or floor finishing? We will arrange this too! All you have to do is look at the list of products in the furniture package and check it according to your personal wishes. Excluding or adding products is easy by adding or removing them from your shopping cart. And if you have any questions, just give us a call and we’ll take a look at it with you.

Renting furniture for 2 weeks or holding on a temporary house for 2 years? You can! Receive a quote within 24 hours.

How it works

  1. Select products

    Go to the webshop and put the right products in your shopping cart
  2. Place an order

    Fill in the correct details and send your request
  3. Process request

    If necessary, we give advice and schedule an appointment for delivery
  4. Delivery & installation

    The complete assembly and installation is provided by us
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And you are in good company

At the moment we have customers throughout the entire country, but we also provide our service of total furnishings abroad. Can we unburden you too?
"They act quickly. The other day we had contact about the decoration of the guest house. Bas just says when do you want it and that becomes his goal, That is a very nice way of cooperating in my opinion."
Victor Weisenbach
Housing association Nijestee
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