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Home staging package

What is home staging?

What exactly is sales styling/ home staging? By this we mean styling a house for sale. An important reason for this is that houses are sold faster this way. And styling a house for sale doesn’t just help sell it faster, it can also help you fetch a higher bid.  A professionally styled home is often valued 10 to 15% higher. House styling, or home staging can really help bring out the advantages in your home.

The advantages of renting furniture for home staging

As a furniture rental company, we regularly provide sales styling services. An important advantage of this is that the house looks a lot bigger. By placing furniture in the house, viewers see what is possible in the space. In addition, by using the right furniture, you can give the house the look that suits the target group. Another advantage is that unevenness in the house is less noticeable. The furniture now attracts the attention. A fourth advantage is that the styling results in better pictures which in turn attract more viewers. The photos not only show what can be done with the space, but also helps conveys a feeling to the potential buyer. A lot better than a chilly empty space on the picture.

Costs of home staging

What does it cost to do a home staging job? That depends entirely on the property and your wishes. Do you want to style a 2-bedroom apartment or do you have a complete house with 3 floors? The fee you pay for the sales styling depends on the furniture you want to rent. We also charge for the delivery, installation and pick up of all furniture. You can easily see this by choosing a sales styling package and filling in your details in your shopping basket. And believe us, with the result that it delivers, you’ll recover the cost of this in no time.

Home staging in your city

Whether you want to have your house styled for sale in Groningen, Amsterdam or Alkmaar, we’ve got you covered! Choose a package that suits you and tell us where to take the furniture. We'll take care of the rest.

Sales styling tips for selling your house

Do you want to style your empty house for sale? And do you have no idea where to start? Then read these tips!

  • Make sure you have furniture that makes optimal use of the space. An appropriate size sofa and the shape of the table are crucial. The layout of the room is also important. In a smaller living room, place large pieces of furniture along walls and not in the middle of the room.
  • Keep it quiet and neutral by using one style in the house. The use of different prints is best avoided.
  • Another important sales styling tip is to place suitable window coverings. This gives the room something homely. It is important to use window coverings in neutral tones.

Do you prefer to outsource the complete sales styling? Then choose one of our packages or contact us. Our stylists will be happy to help you sell your home as quickly and profitably as possible.

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