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How it works

Furniture rental in the Netherlands. Save money and time

At KeyPro you can rent different types of furniture or furniture packages. We offer suitable furnishings for every home, restaurant facility or production. Renting furniture is easy, fast and economical. We ensure that the furniture you choose will be delivered and assembled on site at the desired time. This won't only save you a lot of storage costs but also a lot of time!

Furniture rental

Purchase furniture

Do you want to quickly furnish an entire home, from bathroom to bedroom, and would you rather buy furniture than rent it? Or would you like to upgrade your office or hospitality place with new furniture? Then you are at the right place! We have a wide range of high quality furniture.

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Our other services

Arranging internet and TV
Need to arrange Internet and TV for your temporary home or for your staff's? At KeyPro, we make sure everything is installed!
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Cleaning your home
Want to have a property cleaned? Whether it is your own house, a rental property or a commercial property, we can help. At KeyPro, we offer a professional cleaning service.
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Home upholstery
Can the neighbors still look in on you and don't you have time to order and hang the curtains? We are happy to help you.
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Home staging
Did you know that home staging not only ensures to sell the house faster, but a professionally styled house is often valued 10 to 15% higher? That is why we provide sales styling services!
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Meubelbezorger worden bij KeyPro?

The benefits to you

Complete packages

Save time and effort by choosing one of the packages. You can easily add products yourself!

Flexible rental periods

Renting for a day or 4 years? You decide the period of time you need the furniture!


With facilities located in Groningen and Amsterdam, we deliver within the Netherlands and Western Europe.

Transparent prices

In the webshop you can see and order right away. Would you like a quote? Contact us and you will have it in your mailbox within 24 hours!

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Your temporary space, all taken care of

Besides renting furniture, we provide various other services. With our services and complete furniture packages, we want to take as much work off your hands as possible.

You choose the furniture you need for your temporary furnishing. Or you can leave this entirely up to us. And when the vans are loaded, we drive throughout the country and beyond to deliver all of your furniture.

How it works

  1. Select products

    Go to the webshop and put the right products in your shopping cart
  2. Place an order

    Fill in the correct details and send your request
  3. Process request

    If necessary, we give advice and schedule an appointment for delivery
  4. Delivery & installation

    The complete assembly and installation is provided by us
Check out the furniture packages