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Meubels huren? Team KeyPro staat klaar

Furniture rental

The advantages of renting furniture:

  • Save a lot of money upfront by leasing furniture instead of buying it
  • Furniture rental takes all the work out of your hands. Delivery, installation and styling by us
  • Rental periods are flexible. From a few hours to 3 years
  • Rent an interior completely to your style and requirements. That's good living!
  • Overview of your expenses. No additional costs - everything in one clear package

Renting furniture as an individual or for business purposes?

The very first in furniture rental

11 years ago, founder Willem Straat started renting out furniture for expats. Many houses in Northern Netherlands were empty at that time, and expats couldn’t find furnished houses to rent. The solution was clear: Furniture rental by KeyPro. It didn’t take long to realize there are all kinds of purposes for which you can rent furniture. Selling a house, furnishing a temporary residence or housing expat staff just to name a few.

Paul Grommel
International Construction Projects
"Not just organizing the furniture packages but other logistical matters as well, such as TV, flooring and curtains were all taken care of by KeyPro."
10 years of experience

With over 10 years of experience, we have the expertise to serve your needs

Flexible rental periods

Rent for an hour, a day or 4 years. You decide how long you need something for!

Specific packages

With years of experience we have tailored our packages to meet your needs. And feel free to add furniture or services yourself!

Quote within 24 hours

We act fast! Get a quote in your mailbox within 24 hours during working days

Check out our packages

A quote in your mailbox within 24 hours

In order to provide you with the right furnishing as easily as possible, we work with ready-made packages. So it’s just a matter of choosing a package, placing it in your shopping cart, sending it off and the quote for your rental furniture has been requested.

And the wait? You’ll receive the quote in your email within 24 hours. Then we make an appointment and deliver the furniture at an agreed time. So you not only save money but also time.

Meubels huren voor woningen? Huur bij KeyPro meubelhuur!

Overview of your expenses

Experienced this before? Going way over budget every time you move? Not to mention the extra trips you make because you forgot something. Renting furniture as an individual or for business purposes, in both cases we’ll help you avoid that.

Another important advantage of renting furniture on a monthly basis is the budget overview you get. Before you rent the furniture, you see the prices listed with the packages. And in the quote you will see the furniture, the period of rental and all the costs involved.

Want to rent an interior without effort and with a guarantee that nothing is forgotten? Then rent furniture from KeyPro!

Victor Weisenbach
Woningcorporatie Nijestee
"I really appreciate short lines of communication and a party that is able to react quickly. You guys always arrange something. I think you guys are very flexible in fulfilling my needs."

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