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Common mistakes during the renovation process

25 February 2021
3 min reading time

Renovating a social rental home can feel like a major invasion of privacy. Strangers turn things upside down, the temporary house does not feel like home and the purpose of the renovation is completely unclear to the tenant. You no longer have to make these 8 mistakes during the renovation process of a social rental home.

1. The tenant knows nothing about the temporary residence

During a renovation, the tenant has to leave his own safe surrounding. In this case, temporary housing is inevitable. Make this process as pleasant as possible with clear information about the new place. Is there a washing machine? Is there a nice desk to work at? This ensures the tenant knows exactly what to expect. Sample photos of a similar temporary house gives them a good impression of what to expect.

2. The benefits of the end result are unclear

There is a good chance that tenants are not eager for a renovation. By making the purpose of the renovation clear, you create support. How do you do that? Empathize with the tenant’s situation and make your explanation clear. What does he or she notice about the improvements on a daily basis? With clear benefits, tenants understand why they need to temporary leave their home and may even look forward to the renovation. On to more living pleasure!

3. You rent a car as a rest home

A trailor as a rest home sometimes seems like a good alternative if a temporary stay is not necessary. And this is also possible for the house! However, this is not a smart idea. Tenants are often disappointed with this small house on wheels. We can understand that. Too small, too warm or way too cold… You’re never really comfortable in a trailor like that.

4. There is no WiFi in the temporary guest house

You only really feel at home with a working WiFi connection. This also applies in temporary housing. Tenants work from home, want to check social media or like to stay informed by watching the news. Without a WiFi connection, that costs a lot of money. No tenant is waiting for those costs.

5. The tenants don’t have one intercessor

Is something missing in the temporary house or do you have questions about the renovation? Then tenants want to know who is solving their problem. So make sure you have 1 intercessor, so they know who to call when they have questions.

6. The temporary house has bad furniture

A temporary house should also feel like home. So make sure you have a nice sofa and good chairs, so the tenants can relax well during the temporary stay. A happy tenant complains less. That’s a win-win situation!

7. The tenant sleeps on a miserable bed or mattress

Continuing on point 6, a good bed or mattress is also very important in a temporary house. There’s nothing more annoying than a night on a miserable bed, leaving you with terrible back pain. A good bed is a must for happy tenants. That makes that clumsy renovation just a little less annoying.

8. The house is not ready to live in.

The washing machine has yet to be connected, the TV is not working and the freezer is not working as it should. In short: the temporary house is far from ready to live. Not a nice entrance for the tenant. We connect all devices beforehand. This prevents irritation and ensures that nothing is damaged unnecessarily.


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