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  • Monthly terminable
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Temporary home

Rent furniture for temporary housing easily and quickly

Renovation project on the agenda? Chances are you'll need to arrange a change of residence or guest house for the current tenants. Once these temporary homes are found, it’s important that they are fully furnished. After all, it is important that the residents lack nothing in their temporary home.

Via KeyPro you can easily and quickly arrange the furnishing of your temporary accommodation. Let us know your wishes and we will do the rest! Contact us today or discover our packages directly.

Using temporary housing during renovations

When it comes to minor renovations, a rest or guest house is often enough. This is where residents stay during the day, so they’re not inconvenienced by the renovation. Large renovation projects require a bit more, requiring complete replacement housing. Residents stay in these temporary housing units until the renovation is complete. This can take weeks, but also months.

The flexible and cost-effective approach of KeyPro

At KeyPro we move with the residents of your temporary housing. For each resident, we look at what furniture is needed and we deliver the required items in no time. This way, the renovation processes doesn’t come to a halt and relocation costs are saved.

Effortlessly deliver fully furnished rooms

There is more to furnishing temporary housing than meets the eye. After all, you're not done with the basic necessities right away. What about a washing machine, refrigerator and a working internet connection? These are all components that are necessary for a fully furnished house.

That is why KeyPro's special packages for temporary housing consist not only of furniture, but also of conveniences such as a tumble dryer, a household package, a washing machine and a fridge. Don’t need everything? Then you can easily remove the things you don’t from your shopping basket.

Tailor-made packages for temporary and permanent homes

At KeyPro, you can arrange flexible and complete packages for temporary accommodation in no time at all. Interested? Contact us today and discover the possibilities.

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