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Meubels huren Amsterdam

Furniture rental in Amsterdam? Choose Keypro!

Furniture rental in Amsterdam 

Do you need temporary furnishings for a large-scale renovation project, expat housing, as a housing corporation or as a private individual? Then you don’t need any hassles and want everything arranged easily and quickly. At KeyPro we understand that. That’s why we take everything off your hands by delivering ready-made furnished apartment(s), so you can take care of the rest of your project.

So do you want to rent furniture in Amsterdam? Contact us or choose a package. We’ll start working for you right away.

Meubels huren Amsterdam

Renting furniture as an individual or for business purposes?

Moving in, installation and assembly including warranty

By “everything,” we really do mean everything. Our teams will move in, install and assemble all the furniture and appliances. Picture a working washing machine, made beds and a filled kitchen cabinet. Another big advantage is that you get a warranty on the furniture and appliances throughout the rental period. Something breaks or a piece of furniture needs replacing? We’ll solve this as soon as possible, so you don’t have to worry about it. Thanks to our furniture rental in Amsterdam, residents will feel at home in no time.

Paul Grommel
International Construction Projects
“Not just organizing the furniture packages but other logistical matters as well. TV, flooring and curtains were all taken care of by Keypro”

From guest houses to home staging in Amsterdam

You can come to us for all types of projects. Whether you want to furnish model homes, accommodate expats or need furniture for home staging, we are happy to help. And not just for business projects, but also for individuals in need of temporary furniture for rent in Amsterdam, for example for a guest house. No project is too big or too small: you decide whether you need the furniture for short or long term and how many homes we furnish for you, whether 1 or 100. You choose the rental period and when your done with it we simply pick everything up again. You don’t have to make any additional arrangements.

Meubels huren Amsterdam

Don’t forget anything thanks to our complete packages

It’s super easy to do. In our webshop choose what you need. Want to make sure you don’t forget anything? Then go for one of our complete packages, for an entire expat or guest house, for example, or just a living room or bedroom. Everything has been thought of: from clothes hangers to a night light. Add the package to your shopping cart and check if it meets your needs. Of course, you can always remove products or add your own, so you really only rent what you need.

Have any questions about furniture rental at KeyPro in Amsterdam? Give us a call or email and we’ll look into it with you.

Victor Weisenbach
Woningcorporatie Nijestee
"I really like short lines of communication and a party that is able to react quickly. You guys always arrange something. You guys are really flexible in fulfilling my needs."

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